Worm Gates are large structures that contain man-made wormholes. They are used to travel between large areas of space, and are currently the only means of traveling between stars.

Technology Edit

Worm gates are designed after naturally occurring wormholes. Worm gates are one of the oldest foundation technologies, with some of the oldest gates dating back multiple melenia. They are currently the only means of traveling between stars. there are many gates in the galaxy, many central stars usually have multiple gates.

Worm gates are hard to establish, as upon construction only one side is stable. Most gate construction will stabilize the other side by building another gate on the unstable wormhole, but this is a difficult process that must be done quickly. If an unstabilized gate closes, it can be hard to re-establish the wormhole in the same location.

Types of Gates Edit

There are multiple types of gates, used for multiple different purposes.

System Gates Edit

System gates are worm gates located in populated stars. These are the most common and most used types of gates. They tend to be very large, as to allow for heavy traffic. They are hard to establish, and are usually not built in a star that is not already densely populated. Most space travel has to be done by going through system gates, mapping out a course to the desired location, this has become known as "nav'ing the gates"

Frontier Gates Edit

Frontier gates are small, more temporary gates used for exploration, they are usually made cheap, and can be reused if they are not stabilized.

Siege Gates Edit

Siege gates are temporary gates built and used to attack other stars, this method of attack became popular once cities started putting blockades up around the system gates.

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