Shadow of the Void is a community project and as such we always welcome your contribution, to help keep things organized and to help the community here are some things to keep in mind when contributing content.

  1. When adding something new try to keep it within the theme of Shadow of the void. Read up on the topic you wish to add to, try to capture, and expand upon, the emotion of what you were reading.
  2. Don't add anything directly pulled from something else. We want Shadow of the Void to be its own entity, therefore we don't want anything from another story running around in ours. Easter eggs are ok, as well as ideas loosely based on something else, but even then try to make it unique to Shadow of the Void in some way. We don't want a cheap knock-off of the force or anything like that.
  3. Try to link your ideas to something already existing. This is to ensure that everything remains connected like a web. If you have an idea try finding a place where it will fit in. We also heavily encourage our contributors to add material where they think something needs fleshing out, if this culture feels flat bring life to it, if this character is boring give them a riveting backstory. In this way we hope to really create a universe as complex and interesting as the ones put together by our favourite artists.
  4. Don't go overboard. We want Shadow of the Void to be mostly clean, this doesn't mean that their should be no R-rated content but if you do add somthing like that don't go too far with the details, we want everyone to be comfortable reading it.
Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.