Solar Domania is a Soarine civilization. It is located on a ring of space-stations that orbit the star Doma. The structure of the ring is quite unique to this system, it was originally built to mine the asteroid field for Adamantium, but after the Dread Fleet attacked and collapsed the systems wormgate, they reformed on the ring, as it was the only habitable biosphere in the system. Eventually they were able to rebuild the wormgate and reconnect to the galaxy.

Solar Domania is lead, as with most Soarine civilizations, by an Elder Council. because of the relative instability of their home, Solar Domania makes all attempts possible to avoid conflict.

Though living space is tight, Solar Domania actually has a relatively large amount of area, as it is spread across an entire asteroid field. The most important structure of solar domania is the railway, a large train and highway system that serves as the rings main means of transportation to other sections of the ring.

The main means of power generation in Solar Domania is, unsurprisingly, solar power, there is a huge array of solar panels facing in toward the sun, these serve both to generate power, and to shield the living spaces from radiation.

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