Welcome to the Shadow of the Void[edit | edit source]

This wiki is an experiment to see how complex and detailed of a world we can create within this wiki page. My hope is to create a universe with an elaborate history full of powerful characters and deep interesting stories all interconnecting and all made by the community.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

The universe in general is going to be Sci-Fi but this is a broad category. Right now I want people to focus on large scale things, Establish the world everyone else will build off of. Later I'll narrow the focus to smaller and smaller things, eventually I want it to be about specific characters and individual stories that take place within the larger world.

when adding stuff think about the mythos of stuff like Star Wars and War Hammer (or Einsteinian Roulette if any of you guys join). try to tie anything you add into something someone else made, this is how I want to make the universe feel like everything is connected. Also go through and try to find things that aren't fleshed out and fill them in.

Please review the Established Rules page before making a major contribution.

  • This page is to give an idea of our overall goal at the moment Community Goals

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