Lowënhaas (Wolf 359 2) is the capital world of the Lowënhaas Empire

A small mostly mined-out rocky planet following its extensive colonial period; currently its vast shafts and seams have been converted into cities, the largest of which is the Imperial City.

History Edit

Having been colonized since the early Terran golden age of space expansion, for centuries Lowënhaas was but a heavy mining and industrial complex until the twenty-one days civil war that left Terra a radioactive desert. Lowënhaas converted its production to military ends, and in less than 20 years they managed to annex much of the Home systems, using their infrastructure and manpower to expand further.

The name "Lowënhaas" means "down and burrow/dig", and it was a miners' pet name to the planet in the colonial period. It was so popular that even becoming the capital of an empire was insufficient to change it to something more dignified.

Society and culture Edit

All permanent constructions in Lowënhaas are below ground and anything above is very well shielded, as its nearness to a variable red dwarf lethally irradiated anyone on the surface during the solar flaring periods. This influenced its society and culture, making it insular and secretive, interspersed by explosions of joy, vitality and violence during its many festivals.

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