Ermine is a middle-age G-type main-sequence star, notable only for being the star to the Erminian Republic's capital Terasia.

System LayoutEdit

  • Ermine (class G star)
    • Lefield (metal-rich, heavy industry)
      • Lepanto Landing (Class II cargo hub)
    • Coriza (smog)
      • Caco (rocky)
    • Soperte (temperate, capital, tourism)
    • Salapa (terraformed, tourism, services)
    • Saimha (rocky, mining)
    • Midpoint (asteroid field)
    • Dulalan (gas, mining)
      • Clouds' high (class I floating city)
      • 5 moons, 17 minors
    • Cestina (gas, mining)
      • Criamon (class II floating city)
      • 9 moons, 24 minors
    • Luvia (ice, mining)
    • Peron (rocky, mining)


First explored by Leifield and Soperte Münds in 3591, it was colonized only over 300 years later by Cairtan settlers.

Independence declared after the defeat of Cairta by the Lowënhaas Empire, the system developed quickly with the influx of refugees and eventually became one of the galaxy's most important systems.

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